Event , Exhibition , Festival
Architect , Artist
As Guesthouse with Mikiko Endo , As Intentionallies with S.Ohori and S.Tei
The 5th Women's Lacrosse World Cup' 97

Art Work 70m by 5m shops and Graphic design.

Lacrosse was introduced in Japan 10 years ago, and it is still a new sport. Only three people started playing lacrosse in 13 years ago, but it has become a popular sport with more tham 40,000 players. And Lacrosse Association successfully invited the World Cup to Japan which they had strongly hope for. However as the association and the number of players grow larger, they lost the frontier spirits, responsibilities and the fresh feeling of joy they had in the beginning. This situation was a great danger to the future of lacrosse.

The client requested to create an event in order to solve this problem. So I made a plan to positively engage the players and staffs from the local authority in actual construction and preparation of the site, before thinking about its function or form as an architecture. I hope to express the following matters to players and spectators from the world ; a positive attitude, originality, and fascination which were characteristics of the ten year history of lacrosse in Japan. And I hoped to make it a memorable event. It was a question whether architecture would successfully influence a society.