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Repair Shop (Factory)

For the one of the biggest automobile manufactures in Japan.

This was the first project I have designed, supervised its construction at the architect's office I worked for. Also this was one of the biggest buildings I have ever dealt with graduated from school. And because it was such big project. I had to deal with various ' political' factors.

The land owner is going to lease the land and the building altogether for twenty years to the automobile manufacturer. This project is commissioned by the land-owner, but the automobiles manufacturer actually made requests and the decision regarding its design and planing. The manufacturer had already decided on contractor as well, who was one of their subsidiary company, so we should not go through the proper biding system to choose a right contractor. We also had no choice of sub-contractor and supplier of various materials, as the had already made decision regarding this matter in the same way. The severe factional dispute among the executives was beyond our control, and the decision-making process was in their barometer of their power-games. And we actually worked on this project as their sub-contractor. In this unfortunate situation we had to go through numerous difficulties in the design process.

The land-owner had requested us to do something about the exposed service ducts, and they were the only part in the whole building where any architectural expression was possible. I went through detailed lists of prefabricated materials of the steel manufacturer, and used galvanized grating desks to create a gigantic translucent layer allowing for generous free-flow of air and light, which was a functional request. I had managed to complete this building by politically taking a position to camouflage this unbearably ugly building with a 'shelter of designed by myself'.