Architecture , Event , Exhibition
Architect , Artist , Lighting Designer
As Intentionallies with S.Ohori and S.Tei
Music by Contemporary Production

             The client is a CD-cover graphic designer who is a very popular art director/ graphic desingner in Tokyo. Along with CD covers he creates video images and posters. When I was commissioned to work on his first solo exhibition he had a plan to move and expand their office. The exhibition was planned to tour around the several places. From above factors I thought that a conventional exhibition system of scrap-and-built would be a waste of time and supplies. So I designed pieces of movable ‘exhibition-furniture’ which can be disassembled and transported easily, and used a cheap white back-drop sheet as the exteriorskin of the exhibition space. And since the client would use the designed furniture at his office after exhibition, its form and function were carefully considered. For example the ‘video-screen furniture’ is designed with a specific module so that he can use it as a record shelf later on. And visitors can spin around a poster-furniture to llok at poster, or sit down on a CD-chair to look at CDs, so they can physically appreciate his design without directly touching them. The CD-chair is made of a structure of two thousand transparent CD cases. This is actually invention is the client himself. The video-screen furniture has become a stage set for talk shows and live sessions during the exhibition. As a result visitors can sit down on all pieces of the exhibition furniture.