employed by Moriko Kira
HOTEL at Rapenburgerstraat

This was my first work in Amsterdam.

The existng building is currently used as a dormitory (or apartment building) buylding. This is a design proposal of converting and renovating this monumental architecture (registered by the city of Amsterdam) into three hotels. So i dealt with three issues of restrictions; (1) restrictions as monumental architecture, regarding facades, old existing beams etc, (2)restriction by the architectural codes (3) restriction on the 3-Star hotel standards by the Benelux Tourist Bureau. Under this condition I planned maximum numbers of hotel rooms with minimum area of corridors, stairs etc.

The first concept was "One Tree = One hotel = One room"

When you look at the tree you cannot see the entire surface at once, but you can imagine the backside of the tree because the entire surface is continuous. Trunks, branches, leaves they have different names but constitute a tree as a whole. A trunk supports branches and leaves wrap around branches. I wanted to treat the hotel as one continuos room to give a sense of continuity, to express wideness within the limited size. This would surely be possible, as the surface of the tree is not small at all.