Concert , Event
Lighting Designer , Stage Designer
As Intentionallies with S.Ohori and S.Tei
Cornelius fantastic world tour

The design requests front the client, a musician of a band called CORNELIUS was exactly what I had imagined in listening to his CDs.

The music was his re-edition of various sounds of classical, rock, Disney, techno etc. based on his vision of the world. He wanted a stage set as a background among the inter-reaction of various sounds.

I designed a frame to emphasize the perspective view, but the members of the frames were bulky, obstructing the fake perspective effect. And I designed a 'lighting cabinet' located in the back center of the stage, arranged bright strobe lights and soft orange bulbs next to ash other, and put a laser beam in the center. The intention was according to his words, "blind them, flash, flash and make them relax and melt, them BOOM" And it lights up audience, not the musician himself, and his figure can be seen as a shadow. In his words this effects was a 'carrot-and-stick policy'.

For each show the stage set had to be assembled in three hors. My decision to use balloon frames was effective, as they can be inflated in four minutes and deflated in two minutes. This gigantic balloons folded and can be stored in a box of 1.5meter cube.

Anyway, it was repeated 10 times during the show.