As Intentionallies with S.Ohori and S.Tei
CTPP Office

Designing of the office after the end of the above exhibition. In order to work within the very limited budget of 250$ per square meter, I used rotating advertising panels and recycled fluorescent lights, along with the exhibition furniture. I designed, supervised and manage the construction as a general contractor at the same time I did more than 90% work of purchase, delivery, processing, fabrication and installation by myself.


The design process was not based on prepared master plan, but it was simultaneously developed along the construction process. I set up a computer to set up CAD to do a practical design at the site and prepared drawings for the shop at the same time.  As soon as the shop has decided, I stayed and work there . The design and construction was complete almost the same in two months. For example we first finished part of existing interior where we thought unnecssary (it is sort of a reverse of a conventional process) then subsequently decided on what parts of existing finishes, walls, ceiling and floor we would save or take apart.


We intended to create a close relationship between the interior and the background of the site. I believe that this process is similar to how various vernacular architecture of the world have been developed over time. I feel that such architecture has been created with as positive intention based on reality, unlike architecture designed by 'god's hans' of an architecture where existing conditionals have been completely erased pr taken apart. As a result the completed building offers freedom and convenience foe users and allows for enough room or latitude for possible changes and by the time the client moved in the space have already become a part of himself.