As Guesthouse with Mikiko Endo

The site is located among natural surrounding in the capital pity of the neighboring prefecture of the it of Tokyo., approximately two-hour drive from the city. It is the renovation of the office interior of the ten year old modern building. The clients are a couple of graphic designers.

The couple requested the following: they wanted to have a meeting space and the work space designed according to their tastes and functional requirements of their works, while keeping the space as a whole. They also wanted a "warmer" touch to the existing chest of drawers and they wanted to minimize the construction period for the sake of their work.

The husband mostly deal with graphic design such as CI, worked mostly by himself, and meeting with related manufacture were brief and not often. He meets the clients at the glass table outside his working booth. He is a very logical person. The wife mostly deal with package design and she hires part time staff for model makting etc. She frequently meets various manufactures and discuss matter in details. She meets the clients in her working booth so they can look at the models. She is a sensuous person,

I worked on plans according to their characters and functional requirements of their works.

I provided a square space with a 'work bench', near the entrance for the wife. For the husband I provided a very long desk of 4500mm long by 750mm wide near the meeting table. And I create buffer zone between them by locating out putting machines such a printer along a passage. By providing a gigantic 8.6meter-long cabinet wall penetrating the three zones and by inserting indirect lighting in the electric wiring sockets across the entire space, the space is seen as a whole. the indirect lighting is Tungsten fluorescent light, the furniture is colored by orange stain and each corner is rounded to make a seamless impression , so the whole space appears much warmer than before. The existing chest drawers was sanded and colored by the same orange stain, and was reborn as a new piece of furniture. I manage to complete the construction in one week by using precise prefabrication as much as possible.