Concert , Exhibition
Architect , Artist
Go Ueda , Soad 15th student , SUPERSWEET Live! , Takashi Nishibori
Centerpoint Studio, Bangkok, Thailand
SUPERSWEET Live! Presents Summer Camp by Sretsis
SUPERSWEET Live! has a motto that is the Live Exhibition. This time they collaborate with Sretsis which is one of the top fashion brands in Thailand. The theme literally is the same as the band, Summer Camp and the movie Moonrise Kingdom. We tried to translate indirectly of the atmosphere into our platform design. The method of the design is using imperfect under construction wooden structure, prefabricated at Klongtoey where the underground wood factories in Bangkok are. The event itself has a big diversity of the same as the band name: Chladni Chandi - the indian Psychedelic; Ikuko Wisut Japanese and Thai cartoon pop and headliners Summer Camp who are the English indie pop. The space design itself I designed environmental, as well as the exterior design which is sort of forever vacation camp in Bangkok and stage set itself is continuously the same tone as the outside to build the landscaping stage where the inner court and outer circulation where the audience can dance and jump. The boundary of the stage and audience is sandwiched/become one.