Academic Achievement
Musashino Art University,Tokyo, Japan
Bachelor of Arts, Department of Architecture

Award :

Gold Medal of The Year For Graduation Project

Graduation Thesis for Musashino Art University,

"Analysis for architecture with self-essence"

Production of the thesis started from asking fundamental questions to myself. I wanted to make a list and reconfirm various phenomena which strongly fascinated and influenced me. And I wanted to discover how they are related to my inner self. At that time I could not imagine how ths work would be completed.


propose : research and study of relationship between phenomena which strongly me and my inner self. 

process : I created a drawing as the first model. I imagined the world to be an enclosed sphere like skin of an egg, then made two seperate holes called 'self-essence' and 'phenamena'. Then I made a hole connecting the two. And this hole was named 'passage' with its particular form.


In this manner I continued to make holes to connect each other and the area of skin increased as the interior volume decreased. And the size of the exterior form remains the same. And logically this process can be infinitely repeated. I regarded this as a model of 'space' with limited life time abd infinite possibilities, and superimposed this image on the entire panel.

The simple inter-related holes can be located and operated in multiple ways in term of meaning and form. More tham two holes and a new hole connecting them are located and given new meaning and forms. I regarded this operation as design process. I gave ten key words to each set and design a gradual transformation from 'homage' to 'phenomena (or all matters with names). For each key word I connecting each other by repeating a process of analyzing all patterns and mix them, and expressed the wholeness while keeping the two opposite poles.

And it is necessary to carefully consider resulted forms in any design process. I told out 'self-essence' on the left, 'phenomena' on the right of the panel and the central zone I located ten spatial models of 'passage', which were physical objects or 'tubes' created by folding a sheet of paper. These 'passage objects' are the model of this issue created from the two 'holes' called the 'attribute' of paper and the 'tube' form.

result : This work became my first map to recognize and express my own vision of architecture. And I confirmed that architecture is about 'editing'