Tokyo, Japan
Jiro Endo was BORN!

Individual work and history :

1966     Born in Tokyo.

1991     BA of Musashino Art University

1995     Co-established the office "intentionallies"

1998     Co-established the new office "guesthouse-tokyo"

1999      To be house husband in Amsterdam

1999-2000 Studied at Berlarge Institute Amsterdam

2001     To be house husband in Rotterdam

2002     Honorary research assistant / Moratuwa University in Sri Lanka

              Design stage and lighting for the very common of Moderndog at Thammasat University

2003     Organized 'Soi-music from BKK' in Tokyo

2004     Co-designed stage and lighting for "Fat all star" with Pitupong Chaowakul and Wit 

              Designed stage and lighting for "Zee see" by Mr.Z at Bitec 

              Co-designed a house for musician in Tokyo with Mikiko Endo

              Established new office "new-guesthouse"

              Co-organized " Soi-Music Festival" in Bangkok and Tokyo with Kazuhiro Kimura

              Co-designed stage and lighting for concert in Bangkok

2005    Sai-garden (renovation design) in Tokyo

              Designed stage and Lighting for Playground fashion show at Bangkok Fashion Week